Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Our Halloween/Pumpkin inquiry was a great success. We discovered what was inside of pumpkins and measured how many chain links it takes to get around a large, medium and small pumpkin. The students recorded their measurements and practised printing the numbers. We sequenced different sized ghosts from smallest to largest. Our new funnel set with orange rice and black beans was a huge hit with all of the children. They used different measuring spoons to fill up a large measuring cup and recorded their findings. We read many fiction and non-fiction stories about pumpkins, learned the life cycle of a pumpkin and created short booklets about pumpkins. After reading the story “Spookley the Square Pumpkin”, we created our own “Spookley"s Pumpkin Patch on our bulletin board. In our journals students drew a picture of what they were going to be for Halloween. SK students have started sounding out words and are beginning to print short sentences. JK students are listening for first sounds of the words. Some students are trying hard to record the corresponding letters. Way to go JK students! We also made some Halloween crafts. Please see the pictures below.

In Math, we continue to practise one-to-one correspondence when counting (counting one item at a time), making patterns, sorting, measuring using non-standard units (chain links), measuring using measuring cups and estimating.

 In October we began our hibernation inquiry. We read both fiction and non-fiction books about animals that hibernate in winter. We learned the different habitats that animals use to sleep or hide in the winter (e.g., cave, log, den, underground, mud). The students have started creating a den for our hibernating bear. They will be collecting leaves and branches to make a cozy place for the animals they will be creating out of clay.

In the month of November we will continue our discussion about hibernation but with the focus on bats. We will be making bats from recycled material, as well as other bat crafts. We have begun talking about the life cycle of bats and where we can find them.

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Our focus this week has been on Remembrance Day. We have read various books about peace, discussed what peace means and how we can show it in our daily life. As a classroom we are creating a wreath for our Remembrance Day ceremony which will take place next Monday (Nov. 12).

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Thank you for your continued support. Have a nice weekend!

Sunday, 28 October 2018

October French update

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L'hibernation, la migration et l'adaptation

Observing all the Canada geese flying over our school yard and finding ladybugs dormant in the cracks of trees and underneath leaves started an inquiry into what different animals do during the cold winter months. We learned about hibernation, migration and adaptation.

First we made predictions about how we thought different animals survive the winter and then we set out to learn more through books and nature video clips to see if our predictions were correct. We started out learning about les ours. Soon our students' curiosity grew and they wanted to learn about other animals. We learned about the following: les abeilles, les serpents, les mouffettes, les chauves-souris, les suisses, les grenouilles, les poissons, les insectes et les bernaches du Canada. As a class we constructed a large diorama of a woodland scene with hibernating animals. We also had fun acting out different animals preparing for winter. Our favourite was le suisse (chipmunk). They run around collecting nuts and seeds, carrying them in their cheeks. They then return to their long, deep burrows with many chambers to store them for winter. When they wake up during the winter, they feed on their stored food and then go back to sleep.

Our painted Canada geese are "flying" in a 'V' formation across the ceiling of our classroom!. They are heading south right over Father Bob's house and St. Philip's church! In the spring we will turn them around so they are heading north.

We learned that geese have very strong social skills and display many acts of kindness just like we do at St. Philip. To name a few, they take turns flying in the front, they honk to communicate and encourage one another, and they take care of sick or injured birds instead of just leaving them behind. They also conserve their energy by working and flying together.

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This week we will be continuing to talk about Halloween and practising using our new vocabulary through songs, action games and activities at our writing centre. (une citrouille,  un balai, une sorcière, un fantôme, un chat noir, un squelette, les bonbons).

On Halloween we will be doing science, math, literacy and art activities with pumpkins including carving/decorating our class pumpkins, counting seeds, measuring, as well as writing and craft activities.

Thank you to Mme Sceviour and her Gr. 5/6 class for coming to our class last week to teach us the French action song "C'est l'halloween"! (by Matt Maxwell). We had fun colouring special hats to wear while we were singing and doing the actions.

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As the weather gets colder, please remember that we are outside for almost an hour a day and to please dress your child accordingly (hats, mitts, warm coats, etc.) We encourage independence in doing up zippers and putting on warm clothing. Any practise at home to strengthen these skills would be very helpful. Merci!

Please remember to send your child with a water bottle every day and to return their "Communication Ziploc bag" daily as it is an important part of our morning routine. To prevent library books from being damaged, we send them home in a plastic Ziploc bag marked "Library Book". Thank you for returning the books in good condition and in this bag.

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Through games, songs, activities and print, our JKs continue to work on identifying their numbers to 10 as well as the letters in their name and the alphabet. SK continue to work on identifying their teen numbers as well as the letter sounds. Some parents have asked what they can do at home with their child to strengthen their skills. Any additional practise at home printing their names (the first letter is an uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters, letters start at the top and go down), cutting correctly with scissors, colouring, identifying letters and numbers would be very helpful.

Bonne semaine!

Mme Lyons

Friday, 28 September 2018

French Update

C'est l'automne!!

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Open House last week! We hope you enjoyed touring our classroom, looking at all our work and seeing what we've been up to in French  : ) If you missed Open House, we will be posting some photos from around our class on Twitter.

We continue to role-play in class to learn how to respond appropriately to small social conflicts by using our WITS (Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek help). We are also practising how to to read facial expressions to know when those around us are feeling happy, sad, angry or upset. We have been practising and reinforcing printing skills daily. Any additional practise at home (even 5 minutes a day printing their name or short words) would be very beneficial!!

We had so much fun with our apple inquiry which included Math activities (graphing, sorting, patterning, counting, measuring, sequencing) as well as printing, visual arts and musical activities. We learned/reviewed  many new French words including "pomme", "grand, moyen, petit" as well as our French colours "rouge, jaune, vert et rose". We have some incredible bakers in our class and their applesauce could be smelled throughout the school!

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing Thanksgiving (L'Action de grâce) and the many things we have to be grateful and thankful for. We will continue our "Autumn" (l'automne) and seasonal inquiries. We will be discussing families and how they are all different but equally special. Our new vocabulary will include "maman, papa, frère, soeur, grand-maman, grand-papa and maison".

Extra socks: Our class often has gym outside first thing in the morning when the grass is still quite wet. If possible, please send an extra pair of socks with your child so they will have a dry pair to change into once they come back into class. The wet ones will be sent home. Merci!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 27 September 2018

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It was nice to see many of you at our Open House night last Thursday. You had a chance to visit the classroom and view our work. For those of you who were not able to come, please see our twitter pictures.

We are working on following classroom routines and practising help-self skills (e.g., opening and closing lunch boxes, putting jackets and shoes on). We are exploring patterns using the materials in the classroom. We are practising how to properly hold a pencil, print our names and what letter our name starts with. We start printing with a capital letter followed by the lowercase letters (e.g., Jacob). We read a variety of books on feelings, discussing facial expressions and learning to use words to express our emotions.

Starting next week, we will have Grade 5 Reading buddies to read with us :) In October we will be sorting a variety of toys and manipulatives (by size, colour and shape). We continue to discuss fall and seasonal changes. We will discuss Thanksgiving and the many things we are thankful for.

Terry Fox Run
The Terry Fox Run/Walk will be next Thursday, October 4th. The children can also wear Crazy Socks for Terry Fox. A note with more details went home on Thursday, Sept. 27th.

Thank you to all who sent Kleenex boxes, Ziploc bags and hand sanitizers.  Your donations are much appreciated.

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, 25 June 2018

Happy Summer

School has almost finished for the year!! Where has the time gone? We all have such great memories of the past year! We hope you have been enjoying out twitter feed and seeing what we have been up to. : )

The past few weeks have been very busy with all kinds of educational and fun activities including our participation in the school-wide Jump Rope for Heart Event, our viewing of the school Talent Show (amazing student talent!), our JK/SK dental screening (and discussions about the importance of keeping our teeth healthy), our Pedestrian Safety presentation, our Celtic Rathscallions Musical presentation (thank you Mrs. Hisco for organizing this!) and our Teddy Bear Picnic (it was wonderful to see so many of you there on such a beautiful day!). Our class also made a beautiful card for our librarian, Mrs. Doro, who has retired.

We have been busy learning and doing experiments about germs (les germes/microbes). We learned that "les microbes" don't like "le savon"(soap) and how "le savon" can get rid of "les microbes". In an experiment using poppy seeds in water to represent "les microbes", students experienced the seeds sticking to their fingers. Afterwards, they dipped their fingers in dishwashing soap before putting it into the bowl of floating seeds and saw the seeds scatter immediately away from the soap.

We have also been practising our graphing skills. We learned to gather data (e.g., the number of people in our family) in a simple and easy way as well as how to present our findings using pictures. We learned how to interpret the data by looking at the graph.

We sure will miss our SK students as they head off to Gr. 1! We have been preparing them by having them join "the big kids" outside during regular school recess. Our SKs will also be visiting a Gr. 1 class to experience a Gr. 1 class firsthand. : )

Our JKs sure have grown over the year and will be excellent role models and SKs to our new little ones in September : )

Please note that our final report cards will be going home on Wednesday, June 27th and that the last day of school is Thursday, June 28th.

A note from Mrs. Singer:
As requested by our administration, I am letting you know that my last day of school is Wednesday, June 27th as I will be attending my daughter's graduation on Thursday 28th. It seems like not long time ago my daughter was in Kindergarten. Time definitely flies! Enjoy every moment with your little ones before they grow too fast :)

Thank you for all your support and contributions to your child’s learning.  We believe the joint partnership is the key to your child’s success in school. We would like to wish you a fun-filled, relaxing and safe summer and we will see you in September! 

Mrs. Singer, Mrs. Lavergne and Mme Lyons

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Our Halloween/Pumpkin inquiry was a great success. We discovered what was inside of pumpkins and measured how many chain links it takes to...